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JFJ Easy Pro

About Us

JFJ: Pioneers in Disc Repair Technology
Rooted in a tradition of innovation and driven by a passion for excellence, JFJ has established itself as the premier manufacturer of disc repair devices in the United States. Our journey into pioneering disc repair solutions began with the launch of the JFJ Disc Repair Machine, a groundbreaking response to the widespread frustrations within the video game retail, music, and consumer electronics industries. This first major leap in product development set the stage for a series of advancements that would solidify our place in the market.
Company’s goal is – and has been – to provide complete CD, DVD and other type of media disc repair solution at fair prices. In May 2006 GTM Video increased sales by offering a new consumer affordable machine JFJ Easy Pro. Being only 9cm x 9cm sized JFJ Easy Pro is a fully automated disc repair machine that out performs any other industrial disc repair device.
Top Company

Evolving with Purpose

Our mission has been consistent: to deliver unparalleled media disc repair solutions that blend superior performance with unmatched affordability. In May 2006, we introduced the JFJ Easy Pro. Compact yet powerful, this 9″ x 9″ fully automated machine revolutionized disc repair, providing industrial-grade performance at a fraction of the cost. The JFJ Easy Pro quickly became the go-to solution for consumers and businesses alike, looking for a reliable way to restore CDs, DVDs, and other media discs to pristine condition.

Setting Industry Standards

Over the years, we have continued to innovate, adapting to new technologies and evolving market needs. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has led to significant growth, expanding our reach to international markets and diversifying our product range to meet the demands of a digital age.

Today and Beyond

As of 2024, JFJ remains at the forefront of the disc repair industry. With a robust product lineup and a dedicated team of experts, we are poised to enter new markets and explore fresh avenues for growth. Our focus on sustainability and technological advancement ensures that we will continue to offer cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of our customers, whether they are large retail chains, independent stores, or individual enthusiasts. At JFJ, we’re not just repairing discs; we’re preserving memories, music, and moments for future generations.
Company established successful distributors channels in Over 20 World Countries including:
South Africa
Many more...
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