4 TB PlayStation 4 Console


  • Upgraded from the 500 GB/2.5 hard drive, to a faster and more superior  SATA 6 gb/s, 4 TB/3.5 hard drive & 7200 rpms, for a much faster data transfer performance. Updated with the newest software.
  • Save the hassle of installation, defective parts & hard drives, possibly breaking the connectors from improperly mounting the hard drive, for us! Let us do it for you, so you can enjoy your system hassle free right out of the box!
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty, backed by JFJ warranty (1-year). Buy with confidence!
  • You will receive pictures with your order number, of the upgrade process. The pictures will be of the system and hard drive before and after the seals are broken, to assure you that they are brand new.
  • Installed Data Bank with a securely mounted 4 TB Hard Drive to protect damage to the data when moving around.
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