JFJ Easy Pro


We dare you to compare this product to other units that sell between $5,000-$50,000.
JFJ Easy Pro is a worldwide product with a guaranteed success, or your money back.
A simple machine with industrial results. #1 preferred choice, for your home & small business.

  • Use as a one-step machine for skipping, fingerprints or light scratches, or as a multi-step machine for deep scratches and gouges.
  • Lightweight, silent motor, and safe compounds make the CD+ – or DVD+ – look brand new every time.
  • No water needed!  You do not have to deal with filter changes, water pumps, water hoses, or dirty water!
  • Easy to operate
  • Supply kit now includes enough supplies for 200 repairs with JFJ Easy Pro purchase.
  • Unlike some other products, which have a high maintenance, the Easy Pro™ maintenance is very low.
  • Works on all compact disc formats:  Music CD, CD-Rom, DVDs, Sony Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, X-BOX, X-box 360, XBOX ONE, Blu-ray, Wii, GameCube (supplies sold separately), CD-R, DVD-R, and HD DVD.
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Dimensions: 9″x6″x9″

Easy Pro Includes

  1. Repair Machine, (1 pcs). Basic unit comes with screw nut.
  2. Easy Pro buffing pads – White, (2 pcs)
  3. 4oz. Easy Pro Solution #1 – Blue, (1 pcs)
  4. 4oz. Easy Pro Solution #2 – White, (1 pc)
  5. Disc plate, (1 pc)
  6. Easy Pro black sanding pads, (2 pcs)
  7. Coarse sand Paper – Black, (3 pcs)
  8. Soft sand paper – Gray, (3 pcs)
  9. Anti-static spray, (1 pc)
  10. Cleaning cloth, (3 pcs)

Supplies included enough for 100-200 repairs. Please see purchase options. *GAME CUBE SUPPLIES SOLD SEPARATELY* 

Warranty: 1-year manufacturers™ warranty covers all parts, labor, and even normal wear and tear.

The JFJ Easy Pro machine is designed for consumer/industrial use.
If you are a business doing less than 50 repairs per week, or a consumer looking for a machine for your personal use; then the Easy Pro is the right machine for you! The Easy Pro machine uses the same parts as our industrial machines, with the exception of the motor size, and therefore creates the same results. The Easy Pro machine is a proven system that works on any kind of scratch no matter how bad, how deep, and how ugly the scratch is. Our product is not designed for appearance, it is designed for durability and performance. We know there are many other products in the market ranging from $10-$50,000, but we want you test our machines, risk free with our 30-day money back guarantee.

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 9 in

110V, 220V


100 repairs, 200 repairs

Push Nuts

Yes, No